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Microsoft Neither Confirms Nor Denies Leaked Xbox 720 Doc Legitimacy

Xbox720 Document

Microsoft issues a statement about the leaked next Xbox documents.

No Download-Only PlayStation 4 Because Of Slow Internet Speeds

PlayStation 4 Rumours

PlayStation 4 won’t be download-only. Thank God… 

You Might Be Able To Nab a Wii U For $300 Or Less

Wii U console

More rumours! This time, about the Wii U pricing.

Xbox 720 To Use DRM; PlayStation 4 Will Beat Xbox 720 To Market


Because a day without Next Xbox and PlayStation 4 rumours is not a day worth having. 

PlayStation 4 Rumours Surface

PlayStation 4 Rumours

Some new details surrounding the successor to the PlayStation 3 are starting to leak.

It Came From The Web! Weekly Gaming News — March 4, 2012

It Came From The Web

Japanese games aren’t to this dude’s liking, assassination back to basics, and Xbox 720 rumours. AHOY!