Musings: So, Lightning Has A Larger Chest In Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII - Final Fantasy XIV Miqo'te Costume

They increased Lightning’s chest size in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII… to better showcase costumes?

This past weekend, Square Enix held a special Premium Event for Square Enix Members and PlayStation Plus subscribers. They were giving some details about what we can look forward to for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. During a Q & A session, the devs went into more detail about a small little detail they quietly revealed at E3 this past June: that they increased Lightning’s chest size.

When asked if it was true that they changed Lightning’s cup size from a Japanese C size (the equivalent to North American B cup) to a D (North American C cup), character modelling designer Nobuhiro Goto said that it was true, and that Lightning Returns director Motomu Toriyama was the one who wanted the change done.

In addition, Goto confirmed that her breasts do jiggle:

Yes, her chest jiggles. Since everyone can decide what costume she’ll wear, you can make sure it does (laughs). By the way, since Lightning swings her arm when you change her weapon in the menu screen, that’s a recommended action for sure-fire jiggling! To see it even better it could be useful to equip a small shield. Look forward to it!

… okay…

Gematsu further clarified that above statement in their coverage: that because several of the 80 different costumes showed off her cleavage, they felt that giving her a bigger bust size would better show the costumes off.

So they gave her a change in bust size out of the blue in the name of fashion. And lots of folks are upset that they decided to do this with an already-established character. I can understand the shock; as I said, the change was out of the blue. But let’s take another look at this (if you will be so kind to indulge me some).

People can go through a change in character (from meek or hard-edge to more fun-loving or outgoing), and, as a consequence, change their appearance to reflect the new them; to be more confident (change in wardrobe, or maybe even go get work done to change something about their body). Or, people simply make those changes just for the heck of it (’cause it’ll just make them feel better and all, ya know?).

Since we’re talking about Final Fantasy, let’s bring up Yuna from Final Fantasy X/X-2. When we first met her, she was demure and soft-spoken with a quiet strength; the weight of the world on her shoulders since she was out to save the world from the threat of Sin. But once the threat was gone, the people of the world started to relax and be more free-spirited. Yuna also decided to loosen up and be far more carefree than she was before, and her wardrobe change reflected that in X-2.

Yuna - Final Fantasy X_Final Fantasy X-2

Yuna in her Summoner garb from Final Fantasy X (right), before her wardrobe change in X-2 to reflect her new carefree attitude (guns and all).

All that to say, it’s not uncommon for someone to go through a change since last we see them to reflect some change in their life.

But they didn’t increase Yuna’s bust in X-2 “just because”, and I don’t know how much the whole ‘change in personality/look’ applies with Lightning here. Maybe Toriyama really wanted to make Lightning more like how she was in the original concept docs and felt that upping her cup size and letting folks dress her up in various costumes would help…?

In the early days of Final Fantasy XIII‘s development, Lightning was meant to be a more flirtatious character with much more sex appeal. But they decided that they wanted her to be a more serious character, so they changed Fang (who was a man in these early stages), gave her more of the sex appeal traits, and made Lightning the Cloud Strife clone that she is.

So now we’ve reached the second sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, and Toriyama wanted to increase Lightning’s bust size… for some odd reason (no rhyme or reason; “just because”). Fan service, I suppose. But how many of the fans were really begging for Lightning to have a larger chest and have jiggle physics? I mean, I’m sure there are some out there who did, but enough to warrant a change? And while Toriyama’s busy trying to make things more appealing to those particular fans (and perhaps lure new fans with this change in Lightning’s physique), isn’t he afraid of potentially turning off those who hate/are offended by this type of fan service (the portrayal of women in videogames has been quite the hot-button issue as of late, after all).

Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII-2

I quite liked Lighting’s outfit in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

I dunno… I think Lightning looked fine as she was, and the costumes probably would’ve looked nice on her without the need to increase her bust. The fact that the devs are calling attention to Lightning’s new chest size; giving suggestions as to how to get that max jiggle action is… kinda creepy, to be honest. The need to go this route; to “sex her up” (sorry… don’t know how else to phrase it) and point it out gleefully feels like a desperate move to try and get more people to buy the game who probably might not have in the first place. And it’s unnecessary. The game will sell like hot cakes because fans want to see how Lightning’s story will end, not because of excessive fan service. At least, it would probably sell, unless fans decide to not buy the game now because of this (and some have said as much in Comments Sections on various sites).

Been kinda ranting a bit on this, yea? Think I’ll end things here. Thanks for reading 🙂

How do you feel about the decision to suddenly change Lightning’s breast size? Does it bother you, or are you cool with it (or you just don’t care either way)? Let me know your thoughts in the Comments Section!

Lightning - Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

Doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, Lightning will still kick your ass.


Sources: DualShockers; Destructoid; Kotaku; Gematsu (thanks to Tekknight for the tip!)

  • Normally, this isn’t something that would bug me as much. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint and considering that Squenix has been fighting an uphill battle against their fandom since the first XIII title I’d expect them to pull every trick from the toybox. Bigger breasts don’t surprise me, but doing that to an established character is… ill advised.

    I don’t like Lightning, I loathe Final Fantasy XIII and changing the size and exposure of Lightning’s chest isn’t going to persuade me to forget either of those things. For things like Dead or Alive, it’s no surprise or shock to see such flagrant perversion tossed out in the open, but Final Fantasy used to be a bigger game than that which was able to have enduring characters that would always have millions of instant devotees in almost no time at all without revealing cup sizes.

    Seriously, what the hell is going on at Squenix where a quote like “sure-fire jiggling” is used to describe the anatomy of their own protagonists??? What happened to making games for folks who wanted a fantastic role playing adventure with a (coherent) story?

    sure-fire jiggling
    sure-fire jiggling
    sure-fire jiggling!

    • This whole thing really does reek of a desperation move, and it is disappointing that they felt the need to “go there” as a means make Lightning more appealing to the masses and hope that they might maybe buy the game. You’re either gonna like her or hate her based on her personality, not ’cause she has a massive rack.

      … geez, I can’t get over that whole quote I threw in the rant… it’s like he’s describing a bullet-point feature that’s gonna be thrown on the back of the box or something! Creeps me out… :s

      • It horrifies me to see how low they have sunk already, and it worries me how much farther down they can still potentially sink.

        It’s a remarkably powerful quote. Terrifying powerful. The fact that there are quoted words on record from any living human at Squenix trying to entice folks to take a risk on 13-3 because of her substantially larger and jiggling breasts is really, REALLY creepy and also extremely sad.

        Again, if they didn’t rush out to say anything and it just showed up in marketing stuff like most games that use this strategy I’d just be disappointed, but to hear that much detail on the jiggling product prior to its release means they’ve probably have boardrooms full of people discussing Lightning’s chest and the level of exposure they should provide for it. That very image just fractures my tiny little mind knowing that this is the same company I used to worship so much.

      • It pains me to see them go down this route. And it takes a lot — A LOT — to get me bothered enough to pull support for a game.
        But in the hours and the days after I wrote this post, and let it all sink in… it bothers me. A lot. Mainly because, like you, I expected a lot more from them. I thought Square Enix would be above this.

        Gotta admit, I’m rather conflicted at this point. I want to see how the story ends, but I don’t want to give ’em the impression that this sort of stupidity works :s