Tomb Raider Sells 3.4 Million Units; Still Massive Failure

Tomb Raider, other Square Enix games fail to meet expectations.

Earlier today, Square Enix revealed that they will suffer a net loss of ¥13 billion for their 2012 fiscal year, citing a large part of the problem was the weak sales of major games for the console market in North America and Europe.

The company has listed three of these problematic weak-selling games:

Square Enix - Weak Selling NA games

See those numbers? To Square Enix, these games are failures. And again, these are just reflecting the sales of PHYSICAL copies; if one were to add the digital purchases, those numbers would be way the heck up there!

Tomb Raider‘s been available for, like, less than a month, set to sell 3.4 MILLION copies by the end of the month… and THAT’S still a massive pile of fail? Hitman Absolution has 3.6 MILLION PHYSICAL COPIES sold… and that’s crappy?

To top it all off, the briefing says that the North America sales force is to blame for those low numbers, “ending up with 2/3 of number of units sold in Europe.”

What the hell?

So you’re blaming the “low” sales of these games for the fiscal loss? AND you’re blaming Square Enix North America for those poor sales?

What about the fact that Square Enix spent so much time and money on Final Fantasy XIV (i.e. the game that damaged the brand), release the game way before it was ready for primetime, having it become a massive flop to the point where the entire dev team was let go, a new team brought in to build it again from the ground up, only to have to shut the servers down and scrap the game entirely and awaiting a reboot. That must’ve coast them a lot of money.

Or, how about spending a lot of time and money on developing their own next-gen engine, the Luminous Engine… only to spend money becoming an Unreal Engine 4 licensee?

How ’bout all those lovely games that people outside of Japan want to play, but are being denied (Bravely Default? Final Fantasy Type-0?) And where the hell is Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

It’s just odd to me that Square Enix would single these games out, and not mention the other reasons for their losses… and…

… Ugh….

… I’m sorry, I’m still shocked that 3.4 million physical units sold in three weeks is considered a failure.  That’s just… mind-boggling. I’m sure plenty of publishers DREAM of selling that many units in that short a time for ANY game. I suppose they expected to sell way more because it’s already an established brand.

This makes me wonder how much Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, and Sleeping Dogs cost, not just for their developers (Crystal Dynamics, I/O Interactive, and United Games Front, respectively), but for every single lil’ aspect of those games (like publicity and stuff). Recouping costs is the only reason why Square Enix wanted them to sell more. Which makes me shudder at how high development costs for games are nowadays

Enough rambling from me. Tell me what you guys think of all of this in the Comments Section.


Source: Square Enix notes ‘weak sales of big console titles’ Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution, [Joystiq]