JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle Poses for August

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle Coming in August

Stand with your arms crossed for JoJo this August.

The folks at Siliconera report that, according to the newest Shonen Jump magazine, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle is coming to PlayStation 3 on August 29th. You’ll soon be able to relive some of your favourite battles from the popular manga, brought to you by Namco Bandai and Asura’s Wrath developer CyberConnect2… but only in Japan (no word on any overseas release). The Shonen Jump article also confirms that the hero of the current JoJo story arc, JoJolion, will also be in the game.

All Star Battle will come in two flavours: The Standard Edition, and a Special Edition. Delicious.

The Special Edition comes with a figurine of Jotaro Kujo, an illustration by JoJo author and artist Hirohiko Araki, and a CD soundtrack all in a pretty box.

Jotaro Kujo

I wouldn’t mind having a lil’ statue of Jotaro pointing his finger at me 🙂

But wait! There’s more!

Both editions of the game will come with… wait for it… DLC codes. First run copies of the games will come with codes for Part IV baddie Yoshikage Kira, as well as Part IV ally Hayato Kawajiri’s memo book.

I know JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has an audience outside of Japan, but I don’t know if it’s large enough to warrant them bringing it over here (I would hope so!). They could always just release it digitally if they need to; I certainly wouldn’t mind if it meant I can play it.

Anyhoo, until we hear more, here’s a video of some of the characters beating the snot out of each other. More importantly, it has Dio in it. That’s all that matters at this point.



So, how many of you peeps are JoJo fans? Would you like to see this get localized and brought over to our lovely shores? Share your thoughts and ideas of potential JoJo-worthy poses in the Comments Section!

  • Wait… Wasn’t there supposed to be another JoJo game awhile back? Like… the next generation of Stand users or something? Like from the PS2 era? Did I totally miss that?

    This game looks INSANE. I want it badly. I’d actually import this if I have to. I only went through the initial JoJo anime, so I’m not familiar with any of the story past that. The games have been a mixed bag for me because I’m terrible at them and yet I love them at the same time, so I keep coming back like an abused spouse.

    • I had to look this up, and there were two for PS2 that I can see: Phantom Blood from Bandai, and Ogon no Kaze (Golden Whirlwind) from Capcom. Both have that beat ’em up feel to them, and look delicious.

      If I can import this, I would; as you said, it looks crazy. CRAZY! Right now, Play-Asia is out of their allotted pre-order copies, and who knows if they’ll get a second batch around the game’s launch (let alone how many copies!). Might have to look elsewhere, if that’s the case.

      I’ve been trying to catch up on the manga, and I just found the anime on YouTube 😛 Mmmm, delicious Dio…

      • Ah, there ya go. It was Phantom Blood and apparently I DID miss out on it, but not by by any fault of my own. PSM was drumming up some interest in it prior to release, which had me just waiting for the prompt to purchase; that is until they decided not to import it at all. That was the last I heard from the series outside of my local arcade, then there was that HD update you were kind enough to clue me in on.

        After missing out on THAT much JoJo action, I may have to snap and import the hell out of this new game with you if they don’t comply with our totally reasonable demands.

        And as a sincere advocate of steamrollers in combat, I applaud your devotion to such a awesome series just in general and your taste in eccentric Steamroller-wielders. 😀 Not many people I run with even know about JoJo, or the awesomeness they’re missing.

  • Austin


    • Drink in that delicious Dio. You know you want to. Yea…..