Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition Comes With Red Vita

If you’ve been on the market for a Vita, and Soul Sacrifice, have I got the thing for you!

I’ve been keeping on an eye on Soul Sacrifice. And no, not in the “I’m gonna pull out my eyeball and cast laser beams with it” way like you can in the game. But still, it has me interested, if only because it sounds like the thing that’ll give me warm and fuzzy tingles, much like Monster Hunter.

Something else that would make me warm and fuzzy is the Vita. I don’t have one, and won’t buy one for a while.

Until I saw this.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced the Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition, which comes with a Wifi-only Cosmic Red PS Vita with all the cables, a copy of Soul Sacrifice, a 4 GB memory card, cleaning cloth, ear buds, carrying case, and wrist strap. That Vita is badass, as it has a picture of your character, the Sorcerer, on the back. The bundle will set you back ¥29,980 ($365 USD; $362 CAD).


I know I said I’d get the Crystal White Vita that comes with Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation, but… this is just too cool.

In addition, Sony announced a Soul Sacrifice Double Pack that comes with two copies of the game, so you can give one to a buddy and go sacrifice body parts together.

… that didn’t come out right at all, did it?

Anyhoo, the game comes out March 7th in Japan, and we’ll be seeing it in North America and Europe sometime after that. I just hope we get that Vita bundle, too, as it’s currently announced as Japan-only.

Source: Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition is Bloody Nice, [Siliconera]

Are you looking forward to Soul Sacrifice? If you don’t already own a Vita, would you consider getting this Bundle if it makes its way to the West? Let me know in the Comments Section!