Wii U Deluxe Set Might Be Hard To Find

The Wii U über-bundle is gonna be hard to find this holiday.

The Wii U is hitting the stores this Sunday and might be a wee hard to find, especially the 32 GB Deluxe Set. According to Nintendo of America Executive VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Moffitt, that bundle has been selling like hot cakes.

“All I can say is that the response has been phenomenal and we’re getting, especially in the higher priced deluxe set, that one’s selling out incredibly quickly,” he told GamesIndustry International. “That seems to indicate that the pricing’s in a good spot and the proof is in the consumer response.”

You may recall that after the Wii’s launch in late 2006, trying to find a Wii console was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It was virtually impossible to get a hold of one for months. Moffitt says that there won’t be that problem with the Wii U.

“Certainly we’ve seen brisk pre-sales and that the phone calls have been coming into our headquarters for quite a while now asking for more and so we do expect high demand. But I can tell you this – on opening week we will have more systems on hand for the Wii U than we did for the launch of Wii. And, second, our replenishments will be more frequent this holiday time than during the Wii launch.

“But, having said all that, it’s impossible to exactly predict demand, and so I can’t say that we won’t have some shortages out there and that people won’t have to be a little patient with the replenishment truckload and shipments and boatloads to arrive.”

So, unless you’ve already pre-ordered your Deluxe Set, you’ll probably have trouble getting your hands on it.

The Wii U comes in two delicious flavours: The $299.99 8 GB Basic Set, and the $349.99 32 GB Deluxe Set which comes with a copy of the party game, NintendoLand.

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Well now… do you really think Nintendo is ready to meet the demand with the Wii U? Or do you think they’ll run into the same launch problems they had with the Wii? Let me know what you think in the Comments Section!