Microsoft Wants You For “An Xbox AAAA Game”

Go big or go home, I guess… 

Okay, so this popped up on the Intarweb Radar: seems Microsoft’s looking for a new Executive Producer for an upcoming Xbox game. But not just any game: a “AAAA game”.

“AAAA game”? Guess when you’re moving up to next gen, everything gets an upgrade. ‘Cause Triple A is so 2011.

The job posting reads:

Microsoft Studios (Xbox) is looking for a dynamic and seasoned Executive Producer to lead and develop a world-class team who will own the creation and delivery of a AAAA experience that delivers on 1st party goals and, more importantly, creates a fun gaming experience for our audience. The EP will be responsible for identifying a great development partner who shares our passion and goals, mapping the product roadmap, all aspects of production, from initial concept development through retaining world-class production capacity to delivering high-quality games that are on time and on budget, and improving the viral performance of the games.

Among the major responsibilities is the “ability to travel both domestically and internationally” (no, that unicycle-powered hot air balloon doesn’t count, kids), and “[to] deliver the end-to-end AAAA title experience (Concept, Prototype, Greenlight, Pre-Production, Production, Release, ongoing revenue streams and a complete franchise plan).”

Microsoft is once again ahead of the curb by referring to their big games as “AAAA games”; putting pressure on Sony and Nintendo to follow suit. This is kinda dangerous, yea? Does this mean that an additional “A” shall be added with each passing generation? Maybe they should buck the trend and start using other letters in the alphabet. Or better yet, refer to their awesomest games ever as an “Α&Ω Game”, because that game will be so awesome, it is the “Alpha and Omega, End All Be All” of games.


Source: Microsoft hiring for “a major Xbox AAAA console title”, [Eurogamer]

Oh Microsoft…


What do you think this “AAAA game” is? Do you think they’re going overboard with this “Letter Grade” thing? Should they just start using other letters (I hear “B” needs some love)? Post your insane ramblings in the Comments Section!