It Came From The Web! Weekly Gaming News — March 11, 2012

It Came From The Web

Mass Effect 3 controversy, millionaire wants you to fund his game, and the industry was not ready for strong emotions. Gaming News Shenanigans!

Okay, so last week we had to advance the clocks an hour, and this week will be the official coming of Spring. Ya know what else is springing up? Lots and lots of nerd rage. Here’s some choice gaming news tidbits from last week.

From the Intarwebs & Blogosphere

We Demand A Better Ending — So Mass Effect 3 came out and fans were excited to see how the trilogy they’ve sunk so many hours into sings its swan song.

And they were pissed. Very much so.

They took to Twitter and to Facebook to start their own petition, “Take Back Mass Effect 3”. They that their collective voices are heard and that BioWare will release new, happier endings in the form of a patch or DLC.

But the petitioners showed that they weren’t full of complete rage and have started a charity run with funds going to Child’s Play.

I really can’t speak much, as I haven’t played any of the Mass Effect games. And I can imagine that anyone who poured hundreds of hours into a game series would want to have an ending fitting for their experience. Many people are upset, some were indifferent, others were satisfied. Perhaps this is one of those situations where the journey’s more important than the destination; that (like I mentioned in a previous post), it’s more about what you choose to take away from the experience as a whole as oppose to zeroing in on one specific thing.

Then again… help me out here peeps. This is supposed to be the end of Commander Sheperd’s story… in game form, yea? For those who’ve played it: is it possible that they could fill in the holes in novels? Like, they cleverly did this in the hopes you buying more ME merchandise that will truly fill in the blanks?

Oh, and I just read this today, right before posting this: one fan is so disappointed, that he’s taking this complaint to the Feds.


Sources: Mass Effect 3 players petition for altered ending [That VideoGameBlog]; ‘Retake Mass Effect 3‘ charity drive raises $30K in 24 hours [Gamasutra]


We Just Weren’t Ready For Realistic Doggies — Former Lionhead Studios Grand Poobah Peter Molyneux had an interview with VG247. He said that the reason why the Kinect game Milo and Kate was ultimately cancelled was because we just can’t handle its deep, emotion experience.

“The problem with Milo wasn’t the ambition,” he said. “It wasn’t the ambition or the technology; it was none of that. I just don’t think that this industry is ready for something as emotionally connecting as something like Milo.

“The real problem with Milo, and this is a problem we had lots of meetings over, was where it would be on the shelves next to all the computer games. It was just the wrong thing. It was the wrong concept for what this industry currently is.

“Maybe this industry one day won’t be like that, but at this particular time, having a game that celebrates the joy of inspiring something and you feel this connection, this bond; it was the wrong time for that.”

I can kinda see what he’s saying, but if anything, this would be a good time to have something different out there beside Generic Shooter Number 12 Billion and RPG With Whiny Boys With Spikey Hair And Large Sword.

Source: Molyneux: industry wasn’t ready for Milo & Kate, [Eurogamer]


Millionaire Wants To Make A Video Game… With Your Money — Wow, there’s a lot of Kickstarter in the news, lately, eh? With Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo launching successful Kickstarter campaigns, it seems like lots more people are hoping that the crowd sourcing site will help them fund their own games. Like this guy.

Ellwood “Bunky” Bartlett won about $47 million dollars back in 2007 through the Maryland’s Mega Millions Lottery. According to the Kotaku write-up, he’s sounds like quite the quirky guy. He calls himself an “Ideas Man”, and he had the idea of making an MMORPG that combines the best aspects of all the big MMOs out there and put them together. And he’s using Kickstarter to fund this thing.

Bet you have the same question I did: why doesn’t he just take some of his money and just do it?

“A smart investor has partners,” Bartlett replied in an email to Kotaku. “I will be investing as well. This also helps me to see if there is actual interest in the type of game I am proposing.”

The project’s currently sitting on over $10,000 of the 1.1 MILLION that he’s asking for. Here’s my problem: all there is right now is words. Anyone can type words (as evidence in this blog). It seems like he’s doing things backwards. This guy’s never develop a game before. There’s no team in place to make this thing (he says he’s going to get a team together AFTER this gets funded). Wouldn’t you want to get a team in place that can back up what you’re proposing? Get concept art, maybe a tech vid… something?

Here’s an idea: there’s this Open Source tool call Multiverse, which you can use to develop your own MMO. Get a team together, get Multiverse, and make your MMO. Or at least use it to get some assets together!

Dammit, I’m gonna start a Kickstarter campaign. It will combine the best parts of Final Fantasy VI, Guilty Gear Accent Core, Catherine, Persona 3 and Mortal Kombat 9. It will be nothing like what’s out there. I just need 1 billion cookies to get started. Any takers?

Source: Millionaire Wants Your Million Dollars To Make His First Game, [Kotaku]


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Vid of the Week

Well, on Thursday it was announced that GiantBomb and GameSpot will be under the same roof again. Now for those who didn’t follow the shenanigans back then, Jeff Gerstmann was let go from GameSpot shortly after his review for Kane & Lynch went up near the tail end of 2007. There were all sorts of talk about what happened, but we never got the official word because… well, no one could talk about. Jeff went on GameSpot Live show and spoke with John Davison to clear the air and tell everybody what actually went down the day he had to pack up and leave his home of 10 years.

GameSpot and Giant Bomb Together!

And that’s all for It Came From The Web! for this week! If you hear of any gaming news shenanigans over the course of the week, give me a shout!