Pandora’s Tower European Release Date Announced

Pandora's Tower

Nintendo finally chose a release date for Pandora’s Tower. Yays!

Nintendo Europe announced that the action RPG, Pandora’s Tower, will hit European shelves April 13th (Friday the 13th? Sweet!).

Pandora’s Tower sounds interesting. Your friend Elena has been cursed and is turning into a monster. The only way to slow the transformation down is to go monster hunting and taking back their meat for her to munch on.

This sounds like it has a bit of time management mixed in, as you have to carefully decide when to go back to her with some grub. If you don’t get back in time, she will completely transform into a monster. Not cool! It will also affect the game’s relationship system, and can change what ending you get. Yep, there are multiple endings. And a New Game+. Needless to say, this game will keep you busy.

Pandora’s Tower, along with Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, caused some waves over the last year with Wii RPG fans. They were released in Japan and did pretty well, but Nintendo didn’t mention anything in way of releasing them internationally. They’ve changed their minds since then (methinks the gentle prodding from their fans helped some), since Xenoblade Chronicles was released in Europe last August, and The Last Story will be out February 24th. We North Americans will see Xenoblade Chronicles in early April. With any luck, we’ll see The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower soon too.

[Update: The Last Story’s heading to North America later this year, thanks to the nice people at XSEED games]


Pandora’s Tower – Trailer – EU – Wii

You can get more info from the Pandora’s Tower UK website.

Source: Wii RPG Pandora’s Tower release date, [Eurogamer]


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Good news for my Euro peeps! Are you gonna get Pandora’s Tower when it comes out over there? Have you picked up Xenoblade Chronicles already? Are you eagerly waiting for The Last Story? North American peeps: will you get these games if/when they come out here? Details! DETAILS! Share ’em in the Comments Section!